Austin Genealogy Special Interest Group (SIG)

May 10, 2014 AustinGenSIG Presentation


"Your Photos: Easy ways to
Fix them, Use them and Share them "

Presented by
John F. Marostica

There are lots of ways to acquire pictures; you can take them yourself, get them from someone else and even off the internet, but no matter where they come from, sometimes they need to be 'fixed' or improved in some way in order to make them fit your needs.

We will not only talk about free and easy programs that you can use to help you make your pictures look better, but we will learn how:

  • to use photo editing tools like crop, resize, erase, clone, change color and even put text on your photos.
  • to make a collage of pictures, or create a slide show, or even make a movie.
  • to use pictures in your documents or on FaceBook …
We will look at several different programs, most FREE, that can you can use. And we will look at how to share your pictures with others.

Remember sharing and working together is what membership in a
Special Interest Group (SIG) is all about.
We all learn from each other!

And It's all FREE! - We just want you to join us.

Bring your curiosity and your questions!

And your laptop - we have a WIFI connection, extension cords
and lots of tables so you can be confortable.

So come to share, learn and experience all that
AustinGenSIG has to offer!

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