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August 9, 2014 AustinGenSIG Presentation

SaraGredler (53K) Beyond House History:
What Can Old Buildings Do For Genealogists?

Presented by Sara Gredler, genealogist, architectural historian, and historian

This presentation explains what historic preservation is, what it does, what records it creates, and how to access those records as a private researcher. It also discusses why a genealogist would look at old buildings in order to put their ancestors in historic, architectural, and geographic contexts. It includes case studies on how weave history, architectural history, and genealogy together to create a larger picture of family history.

About Sara Gredler
Sara Gredler is a genealogist, architectural historian, and historian with over 15 years of genealogical research experience. Sara took over the family history research from her parents, also both historians, as a school project as a teenager. She currently works at an architecture and engineering company as an architectural historian, historic bridge surveyor, Microsoft Access database guru, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analyst.

Meeting Time: 1:00pm to 3:30pm
        Location: Old Quarry Branch Library
                          7051 Village Center Dr. [Far West]
                          Austin, Tx. 78731

Don't miss this interesting meeting. Sara is an engaging speaker that will capture your attention and leave you wanting to know more about her and how old buildings are useful in your genealogical research. Come and bring a friend or two to the meeting with you!

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